Kayleen MacDonaldGraphic Design

    Did you know that people will judge you by your branding right or wrong they will. If you don’t have professional branding some people may think your business is just a hobby. Your branding is how people get to recognize and know your business. Branding builds relationships with your potential customers.

    You have created your business so you can be the best and stand out.

    I have a BFA in Graphic Design and I love working with businesses so they stand out with professional branding. Remember branding is every aspect of your business so not just your business card however that is a great place to, but your website, book covers, social media, catalogues, brochures and more. I am passionate about design and problem solving for my clients. I specialize in both print and web media.

    Your Ideas + My Designs = Your business looking fabulous!

    (678) 793 5553


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