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    I am a mother of five beautiful daughters. After my youngest was born, I weighed 200 pounds and began dieting. I only allowed myself 22 carbs a day and worked out constantly at the gym. This only led to me being hungry and tired with frustrating results. Once I realized this approach was not working, I turned to weight loss drugs (Topomax and Phentermine). They helped, but I experienced terrible side effects that made me crazy. Finally a good friend of mine encouraged me to try her program for a month. This program changed everything for me! Finally, after years of trying I was able to get my weight down and more importantly keep it off and at 150 pounds ever since. I am not a skinny, bikini wearing mom. I am at a healthy, happy weight for me personally.

    I offer free, individualized coaching from a certified health coach (ME!). I will map out a personalized plan for you that will change as you progress through the program. Starting from initial weight loss to transitioning into maintenance, I will be right there with you and help you stick to the program and keep your goal weight long-term.


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